Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ayiti cheri!

I am always excited to talk about Haiti, the first black republic of the modern world!

This week we will discuss the revolution, and look at the tragedies, triumphs and strength of character of the Haitian people. We will also cook some Haitian recipes, and look at some of their best in writing, fashion and music. Thanks to Maya, we have a menu

  • White rice, 
  • Sos Pwa
  • Mayi Moulen
  • Pikliz
  • Poule en Sauce (chicken in sauce)
  • Bouillon
  • Pen Patat (sweet potato pudding)

We'll also look at the fashion and style inspired by Haitian heritage.

This beautiful dress inspired by Haitian heritage is from VeVe Collections.

I found this wonderful song by Mika Benjamin "Ayiti se" which is a tribute to this great country. A translation of the lyrics can be found here. Enjoy the song.

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  1. Ahh this post is refreshing! I recently read The farming of bones by edwidge danticat (A Haitian woman novelist). Its an incredible read. Which Haitian literature did you use as you discuss the revolution?

    The song by Mikaben is beautiful Wandia!..I am a food enthusiast so you can imagine which is my favourite verse;

    "Haiti is a sweet and enticing home-made candy bar, it’s a handful of grilled peanuts
    It’s a creamy smoothie that gives energy, it’s an enticing bottle of ice cola
    Haiti is some appetizing fried pork, it’s a delicious fritter, some tasty fried goat
    It’s a delicious vegetable stew laden with crabs, it’s flavorful rice with country greens
    Haiti is a scrumptious broth, a pumpkin soup well-seasoned with bell peppers
    It’s mouthwatering cassava with peanut butter
    That you dip in a corn shake
    Haiti is a dumpling that’s soaking in a bean dip
    It’s pig woods, some good liquor
    Haiti is the divine coffee that you drink at night"

    I am looking forward to the recipes for the dishes you mentioned above.. Are they going to be posted on this blog? Will you each ry to cook? Wanjiru Maya, should we try some of these out? It should be exciting!