Who we are

My name is Wanjiru Maya Mwoka and I am a second year Daystar University student pursuing a degree in Commerce. I am a beauty enthusiast and part time make-up artist. In my free time I enjoy cooking, reading magazines and catching up on the latest trends in beauty and fashion.
My name is Nina Wamboi. I'm a young adult, an extrovert, funny, and many have referred to me as an "Oreo,"  though that's not important. I'm a French student who happens to have recently found out there is more to the French I've been taught for my four years in high school other than grammar, you  know, the conjugations and all... there's history, culture, music, and movies... I'll try to share my findings as much as I can. I hope to get many interested : )

My name is Bonaventure Agina, and I am a student at Daystar University majoring in B.A French. My interest is in learning new languages, listening to soft music as well as  reading Christian literature, and above all, spending time with my family.
My name is Wandia Njoya and I teach Literature and French under the Department of Language and Performing Arts. My passion is finding ways to make knowledge relevant and exciting. I'm also a social media enthusiast and a blogger.


  1. Hey guys!! nice to meet you all. I am Kalo Muoki. I did Psychology in Daystar and I am constantly learning to Love is the greatest thing one can ever do. This class is important to me because of the person teaching it and the access it gives me to our people in the West of the continent . I am eager to learn from all the content you share from class and I aappreciate the effort in bringing this online!! I'll stay tuned.

  2. We missed you Kalo! We were sure you'd have loved to be there.