Thursday, May 14, 2015

An insight to France

France is a beautiful country that boasts of a beautiful landscape as well as being home to most of the most prestigious and ancient buildings in history. Being known as the city of love and lights, France is a recommended ideal tourist destination for all the lovebirds who want to bask in the aura of their love and enjoy every moment of it.
Among the notable things in France is its rich cultural diversity.
The population of France is composed of a diverse range of inhabitants from all parts of the world. A mix of Asians, 'Black' people and of course the 'White' people can be seen interacting in all French states with little or no cases reported of racism reported in the recent years. Racism has been a major concern in France but the French government in conjunction with other human rights bodies have waged war to end racism in the country.
The country has embraced all races and this has been established by the numerous job opportunities offered to people from other races as well as their intermarriages with the indigenous French natives overtime.

Apart from cultural diversity, the French menu is composed of well over a thousand indigenous recipes that have sprung from within the country. Most meals are served in courses of 2 or 3 with meals accompanied by wine, baguettes (a type of long, hard bread) and cheese.
 Being a country that has witnessed a couple of revolutions over the years and a horde of interesting leaders, France has a number of holidays and festivals spread out all through their calender year. As a tourist in France, this assures you that you are most likely to be part of a French festival or holiday no matter what time of the year you choose to travel to the country.
One of the most prolific and interesting holidays is the Bastille Day that is marked by Soldiers in Uniform marching on the streets of  and a firework display to signify the beginning of the French Revolution. The day is marked on July 14th every year with a large crowd turning up to witness the twist of events in that day.

Probably the most interesting part about France is their fashion sense. High-end designers such as Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton are all French designers who have taken over the fashion industry by storm.
Their clothes are said to be of high quality handmade by the best cloth makers in the world. This is probably why designer clothes are very expensive. Other notable designers from France include Dior, Givenchy, Lacoste and Balmain.
In terms of music, French music is perceived to be slow romantic music but French rappers have sprung up in recent years. The likes of Stromae are a classic example of French rappers who have been able make a name for themselves by rapping in the French language thus creating diversity in terms of music genres.
 Among the most popular songs by Stromae are Papaoutai, Tous le meme, Formidable and Dodo.
There are a lot of things that one can do in France be it site-seeing, eating or shopping. It should therefore be in a requirement in everyone's bucket-list to visit this famous country one day.

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