Friday, December 26, 2014

French 124

The last week of class was on French cuisine. As has been the tradition for the semester we cooked a meal in relation with the topic. The end result was quite incredible, we had a complete five course meal. From a starter to desert not to forget the background music. I think its safe to say that was my favourite and saddest session ever. Favourite because we all came up with such nice dishes and having done it before we had corrected on what we seem to have forgotten or gotten wrong the other two times. Everything came into place well. The saddest was it was my last class. Who would have ever thought that a class in French culture could be so informative, entertaining, i kid you not, there was never a dull moment where I regretted on picking the class.

You know those things you always know but when asked how you know or if what you are actually saying is a fact? I had those those moment so many times during these class. Marie Antoinette for example I've read and watched movies that have impersonated or mentioned her love for cakes and sadly that is as far as my knowledge of her went. Why France is known as the city of lights? Other sketchy information I had heard of but had no idea were related to France. In short, nothing could have prepared me for what we learnt during this Fre 124. 

For those having doubts about picking this class there is absolutely nothing to be unsure about. It was a breath of fresh air during the semester. Do not get me wrong, it is as important as any other unit. Am just saying that I personally could not wait for Friday. Am sure am not the only one. Happy holidays and thank you Dr. Wandia for the unforgettable experience. 

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