Sunday, December 21, 2014


Does it  sometimes ever bother ,  feel bored  here in Daystar when you have to attend lectures of the so called Professors and Doctors? Don’t you get stressed up when you have to turn pages of your note book, spending sleepless nights writing term papers in readiness for the CATS, Quizzes and the final semester exams? I do and am not alone.

It’s  equally important attending these lectures. However, being in the same environment-Daystar doing things the same way, the same style year come year go, I consider it what the French French would say ‘ Tres ennuyeux!!’( very boring). Therefore doing things differently in the same , surrounding also builds one confidence and, enhances better learning in campus
Voila!!! You just got it right when you enter in her French lectures-Dr. Wandia Njoya’s . No written monitored  EXAMINATION. Lot’s of interesting activities: Shopping and cooking different cuisines and eating, watching films and listening to music thus discussing about them . Who doesn’t like stories? I am pretty sure you would. Her stories would leave you so! So! So! so! Jealous and having the need to listen to more. Dr. just comes down to your age group- talking and laughing. C’est cool ‘ it’s cool’  That was the lecture to be in, for that was the place, for anywhere around the place was not the place. All complete with my outgoing classmates that Dr. Wandia would call them “ Les belles/ jolies dames” meaning the beautiful ladies. Nina who asks for sweets in every lecture Ahaaaaaa!!! Very sorrowful and sympathetic in heart  as I would describe her  And Maya – the biblical Peter, who could curiously ask questions, fascinated with fashion and wanting to learn some French words.

I wouldn’t miss such opportunity when it’s there again and so do you. Please, please ,please you should not miss registering for the French class. Such a great semester Indeed.

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