Tuesday, March 3, 2015

We've been nominated for the Kenyan Blog Awards!

Our blog has been shortlisted under the Best Education Blog for the Kenyan Blog Awards 2015! This is the first year in which the awards have an education category.

We are really excited, not just because we've been recognized, but also because this is a class that we really enjoy. We also want to convince Kenyan students and students in Kenya that learning about other cultures is a truly enriching experience.

Why vote for us?

This is a blog in which the class is a community. Both the teacher and the students write posts about what they're learning, not just about the Francophone world, but also about life.

Winning would also be a romantic end to a story about a class that was initially written off but ended up getting recognized. We created this class called the Introduction to the Francophone World because we wanted to widen the pool of students who take classes beyond those who speak French. We did it partly as a response to criticism about our marketability, but more because we wanted to expand students' knowledge of the world beyond Kenya's borders, and most of all, because we wanted to have fun!

We'd love your support! 

Please vote for us by following this link or the link on the blog awards image. .

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  1. I am so excited about the nomination. This was a truly culturally enriching class and it will forever be close to my heart. Dr. Wandia, thank you for redefining the word 'learning'!