Sunday, November 2, 2014


   Haiti is the 3rd largest country in the Caribbean.Her population is estimated to be 9.8 million.The Haiti combines wide range of influences.This is of the people who settled on the Caribbean island.It reflects the French, English, Spanish and widely of African rhythm.The instruments used in Haitian music was brought over by foreign countries more especially Africa.Therefore music is a vital in the Haitian  culture.

  The zouk originated from the caribbean island of Guadloupe and Martinique.The zouk music was much popularized by the FrenchAntilles Kassau in 1980.Zouk have a fast tempo jump.In the present, Zouk is characterized by a slow and soft rhythm.CLICK TO WATCH A VIDEO HERE.
           ROCK KREYOL
Originated as rock and roll in the 1960.
It was widely performed by the  Eye band
( in Nigeria)
Today Haitian rock is alternative rock music with the blend of Caribbean flavor.CLICK TO WATCH A VIDEO
  Born in the 19th century.Also known as compas direct.Popularized by sax and guitar player(Jean-Baptiste)It’s the main music of countries such as Dominica and French Antilles.CLICK HERE TO WATCH A VIDEO

   Haitian Hip hop is more popular with the Haitian youth.Often  the music communicates a social, political s well as materialism. The musical beats are frequently with urban sounds.Lately the music has risen to be popular.CLICK TO WATCH A VIDEO

          MINI JAZZ
  Originally formed in mid 60s. 
  It is  characterized by rock band formula of two guitars.One bass , drum-conga-cowbul, alto sax and full horn.Other use keyboard, accordion or lead guitar.
  However,  small jazz/band had their guitar with sophisticated styles.Tabou Combo is known to be the most popular ensemble of Haiti on the Mini- Jazz music.WATCH VIDEO

  Originated from Trinidad in the 20th century.It’s rhythm is traced back to West Africa. It’s characterized by highly rhythmic and harmonic vocal often sung by French creoles.The music allows creative defiance in the face of oppression in all forms.CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

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