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    As legacy of the French rule.Senegalese start their day with bread mainly in Dakar where there are croissant and pastries for breakfast.Main meals consist of rice dishes , couscous and millet.These form the basis of many dishes Proteins usually provided by meat, peanuts or fish.Senegalese favorite meal is THIEBOUDIENNE the This is chunks of fish stuffed with herbs, served on bed of rice and les vegetables . Another popular meal is   YASSA POULET,grilled chicken marinated in an onion and lemon soup. Consequently, there are Common drinks which  is the BISSAP.
It’s made from hibiscus ,sugar and water.Ginger juice ( gingembre in french) is popular.
     Having pride in one’s appearance is very important to the Senegalese.Even the poorest people try to be well dressed.Men and women wear beautifully-designed long flowing robes-BOUBOU.Equally important, women dress in colorful and elegant garments. Even when they are carrying out daily chores.Markets are usually full of stalls selling beautiful fabrics Tailors turns these fabrics into the most remarkable Boubou.
     YOUSSOU D’NOUR is described as the father of music and the most singer alive in Senegal. He developed a style of popular music known in the serer language   MBALAX. YOUSSOUD’NOUR MUSIC
       Islam is the religion of the vast majority of the population.
It is practised through involvement in groups known as muslimbrotherhood -Qadiri,Tijani and Mouridis.Spiritual leader are called MARABOUTS Senegal mostsacred city-Tabou, is the birth place of AMADOU BAMBA M’BACKE who was the founder MOURIDIS brothers.
Christianity is also practised but with a small population.
They are the Roman Catholics and Protestants. View photo of christians praying in Senegal

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