Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Poulet Dg

For the week 7 topic, Negritude and the arts each of us was given a country. Mine was Cameroon. AS you'll note from my other post I was to present on Cameroon and also, COOK a traditional dish. We created  a whats up group  and agreed on me cooking the Poulet Dg. The name is quite interesting for the Dg is an acronym for "Directeur Général" (Director general). It is also known to be a special meal  that was only prepared for important people but is these days enjoyed by all. 

 Thank God for the site I found that not  only had the recipe but also provided visual aid that helped me know I was doing every step correctly. http://www.macocote.com/poulet-dg/. In the ingredients Plantains were one of the main components and truth be told I have always thought that they were just ripe bananas like the 'matoke but ripe matoke'. :)

Well it turns out that is not the case. You can not buy the 'matoke' and give it some days to turn into plantains. They are to different things . In actual truth the plantains are not as easy to find at the market. The cooking process was nerve wrecking. The fact that I have attempted to cook chicken before and been told it as 'okay' didn't help make thing easier. To know that more than two people are expecting your food to appear a particular way  (since there was a photo I  posted) or also that there was no time for trial and error having prepared the meal the morning that the class was to take place. 

My own mother had suggested that I maybe make a complementary dish just in case I failed on this one. Many are thinking what was the final verdict well, I succeeded!!

The photo I posted
My Poulet Dg

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